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CLEANING FRANCHISE INDIA SPM Cleaning Systems is now offering its unique franchise opportunity in India. The goal for this quality franchise opportunity is to impart our professional knowledge to you on how to start and run a cleaning business while minimizing the costly trial-and-error period that every entrepreneur encounters when entering into a new business. Our know-how is based on our almost 10 YEARS s of professional experience in the cleaning industry with the high cleaning standards of the cleanest country on earth Iceland. SPM Cleaning Systems does not take the usual approach to the market . Our marketing strategy is unique yet still quite simple, practical and aimed to get the best results while being cost-effective.

As a SPM Cleaning Systems Franchisee, you take a vital part in the development and growth of the SPM Cleaning. As a SPM Cleaning Systems Franchisee, you will receive the following: - 2 weeks Qualified Training at the SPM OFFICE - Startup equipment package - The SPM Cleaning Systems License to use the brand name and logo, - A proven system of operation, - Business and marketing training, - Protected territory, - Proven marketing techniques and internet advertising, - Operations manual, job sheets, and tools, - Marketing package - Business package - Your own SPM Website - A support line - Ongoing technical & operational support and guidance.

In purchasing this franchise business and using our unique, specially designed systems and concepts, you are helping to promote and maintain health and a clean environment -- both in the workplace and at home. As our SPM franchise partner, you are definitely playing a vital role in keeping our world clean and healthy. Our goal is to provide a nationwide quality system with an emphasis on personalized service, customer satisfaction and professionalism. We aim to foster a strong two-way working relationship with all our Franchisees. Total investement for unit franchise is around 1-5lakhs and investment for a master franchise is around 1-5 lakhs. Franchise Opportunity Application Form Contact details:+91 8220777175 / 8056231674.

Start Cleaning Business

Now you enjoy numerous advantages when you become a SPM Cleaning Systems Franchisee

1) Our SPM Cleaning Systems Franchisees enjoy low risk high value opportunities because you are aligned with a company that is recognized as a leader in the cleaning industry. SPM Cleaning Systems started as a small business enterprise.

2) The Benefits of becoming a SPM Cleaning Systems Franchisee include:
     -Tried and tested business systems that have worked well in any economic climate.
     -Support is available, to you, for any technical or operational needs. We will be there to help you when you need us.
     -Minimal startup investment cost because our business system is a low cost, low risk concept. We start small, and think BIG.
     -Small startup workforce, you do not need very many employees to get started. No big payrolls to meet when you start out.

Have a small cleaning team and grow slowly but surely as you build your business.

Startup equipment and business & marketing packages are included with your franchise.

Access to our 10-years of experience and knowledge in the cleaning industry, and to the wide range of cleaning systems that we have available for you to meet your capacity and ability.

Join as a SPM Cleaning Franchisee and we will get you on the road to success

SPM Cleaning Systems India will provide you with intensive training and support from the moment you join SPMCS. We will support you with information on current and developing trends in commercial AND domestic cleaning so that you can provide the best results for your customers.

Some of the things you can expect from us are:
1.Our professional SPM Business System
2.Training & support packages for:
     - Our different cleaning systems and techniques,
     - Marketing methods & support,
     - Customer relations/service
3.Technical and administrative support, and much more.
4.A support line to answer any questions you have about your business operations anytime, any day.
5.Ongoing support for your entire business life and
6.Assistance for you about every aspect of your company’s growth and development.

Our proven and tested SPM Cleaning Systems can provide the tools and knowledge necessary to get you On the Road to Success. Let’s turn your dream of success into reality!

Contact us at : #7, Rukmani Street West Mambalam – 33
Phone Number : 044-42102098/99 | +91 8220777175 / 8056231674.

SPM Cleaning Systems India is a commercial, domestic cleaning franchise opportunity that will allow you to grow your cleaning business into a multi-van /two wheeler operation in your geographic area. You can also expand your business into the area of special cleaning services, such as hard floor care, maintenance and more. You will be able to respond to your customers’ needs and grow your business more rapidly. When you respond to your customers needs you will build customer loyalty and bring in referrals to new customers.

Established Track Record – SPM Cleaning Systems is a proven business model. When you become a franchise buyer, you become part of that proven track record and benefit from our experience. SPM Cleaning Systems has developed a unique concept and specifically designed methods in cleaning and facility management services that have been widely accepted in other countries because they efficiently and effectively meet customer’s needs. We will provide you with what we have learned from our years of experience in the cleaning business and all of our knowledge. This will help you grow more rapidly to ensure your success. With our tried and tested business system you will reduce risk and be able to be successful in any business economic climate.

Faster Start Up – As a SPMCS franchise owner, you will take a leap forward in your knowledge about the cleaning business. You will shorten your learning curve, because you will have assistance from us, a franchisor with lots of experience and know-how to coach you and get you started in your own successful business.

Full Training – We have an intensive training program for all of our franchisees. When your training is successfully completed you will be certified at the SPM Cleaning Systems’ Global Learning Centre. Our qualified experts will train you in cleaning techniques, technology, and management so you have access to and coaching from the most knowledgeable experts in the art and science of the cleaning industry. This is a perfect opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs who want to get ahead and make a successful mark with their own business.

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